Will you be able to escape before the time runs out?

Guests In Lab Coats In Escape Room

We have three interactive escape rooms called Shafted, Off The Radar and Zombie Research Lab.

Could there be a hidden treasure in the desolate Coalcot Mining Community?

Can you help rescue your fellow comrades aboard the SS Escape?

Can you find the cure for the Zombyte Virus before the zombies get in the room?

Gather the clues, solve the riddles, and figure out puzzles in order to escape before time runs out.

PRICE: $31.00/per person* (up to 8 people minimum of 4) for an Hour in Off The Radar or Shafted

PRICE: $25.00/per person* (up to 8 people minimum of 4) for 30 Minutes in Zombie Research Lab


The once thriving Coalcot mining community has set desolate for over a century; an abandoned relic to a bygone era of grit, grime and tough as nails coal men that courted danger like a dame worth a day’s wage. While researching the old community in the McDowell County archives of West Virginia you stumble across something interesting; a short entry in the middle of the diary of an unnamed miner.

May 21,1893.
We had eight that didn’t come up today. One was McGuinness. Fine guy. New baby – two weeks old. Me and the Canary Crew finished stashin’ the last of Rockefella’s secret treasure. We’ll seal it off tomorrow during shift then ol’ Johnny’s gonna make us all rich for our trouble.

Has anyone else noticed this before? Could this really be referencing the John D. Rockefeller? If so, could that secret treasure still be sealed up somewhere in the old, abandoned Coalcot Mine? You finish your research for the day and try to go on with your life as normal, but you can’t get these questions out of your head. Finally, after three months of obsessing over that diary entry you gather together a group of your adventurous friends to venture down into the abandoned mine to search for Rockefeller’s secret treasure. It’s a dangerous undertaking, but the payoff could be immense.


You and your fellow comrades are aboard a high tech submarine, The SS Escape, somewhere in The Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska. On the way to your top secret mission, equipment begins to fail and the captain has to make an emergency ascent to the surface. Moments later, you feel a thunderous crash and everyone instantly gets the same panicked feeling… iceberg!

All around you emegency lights and alarms go off. The vessel has been wedged into the center of the ice. The captain calls to the engine room notifying you that all major equipment has gone dysfunctional as a result of the massive impact. Even worse, the defrosters are also down causing all of the escape hatches to be frozen shut. Since the radar is down, no other nearby ships will be able to find you and come to your rescue.

The cold is already setting in and oxygen is running low. You must find a way to repair the defrosters, make the hatches operational, and then you and your crew can go topside to use the few flares that you have aboard to signal the Cost Guard. You must hurry; you have only 60 minutes before all oxygen is completely depleted!


This isn’t your typical zombie outbreak. The Zombyte virus is infecting mechanically enhanced humans to create a horde of robo-zombie creatures. Your team of scientists is trapped in a lab with a simple goal: find a cure.

All other research facilities are infected or unresponsive, so it’s up to you. Isolate the virus, formulate the antivirus, access the global mainframe, and upload it to the grid. It seems simple enough, but an infected horde is closing in on your location, so the pressure is on!

(*) Pricing does not include applicable taxes.
*Disclaimer: None of our escape rooms are truly locked in, you can leave at any time to take a phone call or use the bathroom.